Introducing emuBro

emuBro is an open source game launcher that associates your retro games with your emulators such as snes9x, epsxe, pcsx2, dolphin or whatever you like.


emuBro is available in the private beta.

For more informations visit

Project page

Supported platforms

This is a list of default platforms and their emulators that are automatically detected by emuBro.


WinFellow (Download)


Andy (Download)

Atari 2600

Stella (Download)
Pcaewin (Download)
z26 (Download)

Atari 5200

Atari++ (Download)
Atari800 (Download)
kat5200 (Download)
MESS (Download)
VSS (Download)

Atari 7800

MESS (Download)

Atari ST

 Steem (Download)

Game Boy

VisualBoyAdvance (Download)

Game Boy Advance

VisualBoyAdvance (Download)

Nintendo 64

Project64 (Download)

Nintendo Entertainment System

FCEUX (Download)

Nintendo DS

DeSmuME (Download)

Nintendo 3DS

Citra (Download)

Nintendo GameCube

Dolphin (Download)
Dolphin VR (Download)

Nintendo Wii

Dolphin (Download)
Dolphin VR (Download)

Nintendo Wii U

Cemu (Download)


ScummVM (Download)

Sega Dreamcast

nullDC (Download)

Sony Playstation 1

ePSXe (Download)
FPse (Download)

Sony Playstation 2

PCSX2 (Download)

Sony Playstation 3

RPCS3 (Download)

Sony Playstation Portable

PPSSPP (Download)

Super Nintendo

Snes9x (Download)
ZSNES (Download)
FakeNES (Download)

Microsoft Xbox

Qemu (Download)
XQEMU (Download)
Xeon (Download)

Microsoft Xbox 360

Xenia (Download)

Microsoft Windows

Windows Shell (Download)

Integrated tags

This is a list of default tags that are already integrated in emuBro.

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Action-adventure
  • Beat 'em up
  • Board game
  • Card game
  • Dance/Rhythm
  • Fighting
  • First-person shooter
  • Free-to-play
  • MMO
  • Multiplayer
  • Party game
  • Platformer
  • Puzzle
  • Racing
  • RPG
  • Shoot 'em up
  • Simulation
  • Single-player
  • Sports
  • Strategy
  • Survival Horror
  • Third-person shooter

Known bugs

This is an overview over the bugs or issues currently known.

  • key shortcuts won't work when menubar is hidden
  • no check for current keyboard layout for plus and minus key binding
  • launcher apps bug: 1st process thinks emulation has ended
  • height of rate panel menu item in context menu is too large at first selection
  • context menus doesnt restore its panel widths after changing languages
  • foreground color bug in JRadioButtonMenuItem/JCheckBoxMenuItem on linux
  • no shadow border in popupmenu on linux

Latest activity

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